R-turn is a program started by a group of kids from Cranbrook and Detroit Country Day schools. R-turn is about giving back; it is about making a difference in the world. It connects real need in our community or around the globe with those who are willing to help. Together we are making a difference.

On a recent trip to Africa, a few of the r-turn committee members were fortunate enough to visit an orphanage in Kenya. They were struck by the need in Africa knowing that their, own education is one of privilege and that they could help make a difference by giving the kids in Africa a proper school.

The LOOSE CHANGE CHALLEGE is a campaign between Cranbrook and Detroit Country Day Schools and the goal is to raise enough money to complete a school that is currently under construction. Over the past year, we have raised $40,000 and we need your help to complete the construction of this school where over 600 children will attend classes daily.

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How to Support r-turn

Our hope is that by sharing our Africa project with you, you too will choose to make a difference!  Anything big or small can impact the world.

To build the school in Africa, it took us a year and half to fund raise.  We are including some ideas to help you fundraise for a project you are passionate about.

  • Change drive at your school

  • We made bracelets and sold them

  • We sent personal emails to friends and family explaining our mission and asking for small donations

  • Can drives

  • Our school allowed us to charge and entry fee at a school basketball tournament

  • Ask for donations instead of gifts at birthday parties

  • We asked 10 friends to share our mission with friends and family, and then ask for a small donation

  • Host a garage sale

  • Shovel snow or mow your neighbors lawn


To start a club at your school

  • Submit any necessary paperwork to your school

  • Find a club advisor (usually a teacher, someone that would make a great mentor)

  • Find friends that share your same passion to make a difference

  • Find projects that interest your group


Some ideas for giving back to specific groups are:


-Go visit a senior citizen home  

-Play bingo with them

-Read to them

-Play cards with them

-Do a performance

-Make a batch of your favorite cookies and drop them off



-Food drive

-Blankets/towels drive

-Volunteer your time to walk animals


Homeless/less fortunate

-Hats/gloves drive

-Coat drive

-Socks drive

-Shoes/boots drive

-Clothing drive

-Food drive


Children in need

-Back packs and/or school supplies drive

-Hats and gloves drive

-Sports equipment drive

-Coat drive

-Homecoming/prom dresses collection


-Share your talent

-Teach a child something you know. 

-Teach them to play an instrument or your favorite sport


We would love to know what your doing to make a difference!  Please feel free to contact us at:


“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson




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