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Designed Hanging Lamp

Design Angels

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Professional Designers have become such an important part of making our children’s rooms and homes come to life!  Beginning in 2006 several design firm owners donated their design services and expertise to several of our projects.  The partnerships with these professionals were crucial in generating new ideas to advance the Suite Dreams Project’s mission.  They have contributed by devising more efficient and creative methods to furnish children’s bedrooms, fostering enthusiasm and involvement for the charity among their clients, associates, and the community.  Many of the designers pictured here have been donating their expertise to our charity for almost 20 years while others are new to us over this past year.   Members of this Design Team also actively promote fundraising events through their clientele and community networks.   We have the utmost gratitude to each one of them for the beauty, time, and talent that they have given to the Suite Dreams Project.  If you are heading into a home project and in need of design expertise please consider reaching out to one of these professionals that have given so much of themselves to children in your communities!

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